A Special Limited-Edition Collaboration

The hypnotic sight of a majestic Manta Ray gliding silently through the waves and light provided the key inspiration for the special collaboration eyewear between RIGARDS and THAMANYAH.

The dynamic lines and indelible spike details, intended to mimic the graceful curvature and head fins (“devils’ horns”) of the almost-mythological sea creature, form the defining feature of the frames.

The sculptural design also pays homage to Arabic aesthetic, a constant thread in Dubai-born, Paris-based THAMANYAH designer Ahmed Abdelrahman’s work.

Handmade of genuine buffalo horn, the frames are conspicuous by the richness of their material and the superlative craftsmanship, a signature of all RIGARDS eyewear.

Created in two models and limited to a run of 88 pairs worldwide.


Handmade craftsmanship, honest materials, simple products. These things spell out the word RIGARDS. Passionate about making eyeglasses the old-school way, RIGARDS is dedicated to ensuring there is evidence of this in every pair of frames. Distinguished by the richness of their material (natural buffalo horn) and the dedicated craftsmanship put forth in their construction, RIGARDS frames further set themselves apart with signature hand-executed surface finishes (“Sanjuro” and “Relique”) that give the eyewear a look expressive of a wise soul, with an unorthodox spirit, and modern sensibility.


THAMANYAH is the work of Ahmed Abdelrahman, whose progressive designs inspired the backing of Michelle Lamy and Rick Owens. The UAE-born designer underpins traditional Arabic styles with Italian bespoke tailoring, rendered in such unexpected fabrics as virgin wool. The result is an evocative collection of garments that redress notions of masculinity, spirituality, and identity.