The idea of RELIQUE first came to us when we saw the beautiful copper ornaments that our good friend and designer Nico Uytterhaegen had used on his bags. We knew we wanted to incorporate a copper-like patina into RIGARDS’s natural horn frames somehow. After piling up experiments at the expense of a lot of perfectly good horn, we finally got things right. RELIQUE utilizes heat to alter the look of the horn, producing a stunning localized treatment that accentuates rather than overshadows. The patterns are all varied, influenced in part by a pure essential oil blend used during the complex procedure. To cap it off, the traditional hand polishing that follows makes the frames look like they’ve taken on the coppery patina and rich history of a cherished relic. Unlike machine polishing (where glasses are run through a polishing wheel and wax is added to achieve a glossy shine and mask small flaws), hand polishing is an arduous, painstaking process where no wax is used in creating a matte burnished finish that gives the treated horn an air of rare antiquity. The human touch is what makes the final result an unrepeatable piece of art.