Many stores and boutiques use halogen lighting to showcase their merchandise. Because halogen lights operate at extremely high temperatures and radiate considerable heat, they can dry out and harm almost any type of material, even seemingly indestructible plastic, but particularly so with regard to organic materials such as textiles, paper, wood, and horn. Avoid displaying your RIGARDS horn eyewear in direct halogen light beam whenever possible. It is also advised against placing horn frames in direct sunlight, near air-conditioning units, in extremely hot or humid locations, and near chemical or ultrasonic cleaners. It is essential to the longevity of horn material to keep it clean and oiled. We recommend using the horn care balm once a week by applying a small amount directly onto your RIGARDS frames, gently rubbing it in in the direction of the grain using your fingertips or the soft microfiber cloth, and leaving it overnight to settle in. On textured surfaces finished with special hand-executed treatments (such as the Sanjūrō technique), apply the care balm only on the underside. Using the care balm regularly will cause the horn to contract and become more dense and protect it from drying out. We will ensure that you receive a sufficient supply of the care balm with your every order. Your RIGARDS horn frames, if cared for correctly, can last for many years to come.